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Ethiopia Nensebo Refisa 200g (ORGANIC)


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Whole Bean or Ground

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USDA Certified Organic

About the coffee:

This lot was processed at a privately run coffee washing station in Refisa village. Located in the West Arsi region of Nensebo, Refisa, and several of the surrounding coffee growing communities, span an altitude range of 2000 - 2200 meters above sea level. The Refisa wet mill has registered almost 600 small farmers in total from the villages of Refisa, Roricho, Bulga and Riripa, most with an average farm size of 2 hectares of coffee or less

Cupping notes:

Refisa is an aromatic cup in light roasts. The nose is rife with complex dried florals, sweet herbs, and fragrant incense notes that have a lingering effect on the brew. The flavor profile shows substantial sweetness, even in light roasts, and a mixture of simple syrup and orange essence mesh together into a flavor note like fruit gum (think "Juicy Fruit").  Citrus hints have more of an impact on flavor as the coffee cools, and show a grabby edge, like kumquat and grapefruit. There's a resiny, aromatic wood aspect that adds dimension to the overall aromatic impression, and with some dried floral top notes brings out something like lavender incense. The cup has depth of flavor, is perfumed, and a little rustic too.

Tasting Notes:

Dried Florals, Orange Essence, Sweet Herbs, Fruit Gum






Refisa, Nensebo


Heirloom Cultivars 




2000 meters above sea level


Grade 1

Cup Score:



April-July 21

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