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Jairo Arcila Pink Bourbon Cinnamon 200g


Whole Bean or Ground


About The Farm:

This exotic lot comes from Felipe and Carlos Arcila, the brothers who started their own export company to fairly trade the coffee that the family has been producing for over 80 years. They transformed La Pradera in a processing centre that Carlos says “it is a place of research and development. We opened a year and a half ago and we’re only processing 90+ coffees.”

La Pradera, the family farm, is run by the boys father, Jairo Arcila, and includes a nursery and specialises in natural fermentation with aerobic and anaerobic conditions. It grows and processes exotic varietals including this Pink Bourbon which is definitely one of the most interesting varietals coming out of Colombia. It's not a Bourbon and it's not Pink. Maybe it should be called Huila Orange. The origin is unknown, though some suspect Ethiopian origins. Expect floral, red fruits in the cup.

About the Processing:

In terms of processing this lot was handpicked when the cherries reached a strict ripeness criteria, hand sorted, and then exposed to a dry anaerobic fermentation of 48 hours. During this fermentation period tartaric acid and cinnamon were added to the anaerobic environment. Later the coffee was placed on raised beds below 35 degrees Celsius until ideal moisture content was achieved.
The lot retained its original fruity and floral profile, while the anaerobic fermentation enriched it and the addition of cinnamon transferred this holiday season aroma to the beans itself. The result is a high scoring coffee that will remain imprinted in the memory of whoever is lucky enough to taste it.



Country: Colombia

Producer: Jairo Arcila

Region: Armenia, Quindo

Varietal: Pink Bourbon

Process: Honey + Cinnamon

Alt.: 1400 - 1500 masl

Tasting Notes: Cinnamon, Red Wine, Kiwi, Figs, Peach and Orange Peel. 

*NO ALCOHOL was involved in the processing and final product.

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