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Kenya Nyeri Kiandu AB 200g

Kenya Nyeri Kiandu AB 200g

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Whole Bean or Ground

About the Farm:

Kiandu Factory is located near Nyeri Town in the Karundu area, just outside of Tetu village. Kenyan coffee factories are central coffee collection sites set up to serve the local farmers. Factory members sell their harvested coffee to the Factory they belong to in whole cherry where it is then sorted, wet processed, and then sorted some more while drying in preparation for the final dry milling. Kiandu is one of a few Factories who make up the Mutheka Farmer's Cooperative Society, and the total membership of the society is over 1000 farmers. Kiandu is situated near the Kagumo River, from which water is diverted and used to process coffee. This AB separation stands out, boasting floral characteristics not typically tasted in Kenyan coffee. Lighter roasts showed complex baking spice notes that worked well with citrus and other fruited hints.


Country: Kenya

Region: Karundu, Nyeri

Process : Wet Process (Washed)

Varietal : SL-28, SL-34. Ruiru-11

Grade: AB

Taste Notes : Orange Spice, Black Cherry, Brown Sugar, Cardamom

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