4th Day Coffee Roastery

Le Chamonix Blend 250g


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Whole Bean or Ground

About the Blend:

This blend was inspired by our visits to the wintery skiing town called Chamonix nestled in Mont Blanc, France. After a cold day walking around the quaint little town we would go to a cafe to sip on some espresso to warm our bellies. Whether you're in the cold or in the hot tropics, this blend was designed to capture the feeling you get when you are enjoying the warmth of coffee thick with chocolaty comforts with a tinge of wild spices.

This blend is perfect as straight espressos or milk based beverages!

Tasting notes:

By 4th Day Roastery: Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut, Wild Spices, Raisin sweetness.


Countries: Brazil Santos, India Monsooned Malabar

Ratios: Undisclosed

Species: Arabica

Varietal: Mundo Nuovo, S795, S9, Chauvery

Process: Natural (Brazil), Washed (India Monsooned Malabar)

Roasted on order so you'll get the freshest coffee possible!

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