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Third Wave Water - Classic Profile

$22.50 $45

The Third Wave Water Classic Profile is a specifically formulated packet of minerals that help your coffee's natural flavors effectively shine while protecting your equipment from mineral scale. With added magnesium for sweetness, calcium for a balanced body and dash of sodium for a smooth finish; Third Wave Water will bring out the optimum flavors in your coffee.

Add a single packet of Third Wave Water minerals to one-gallon of distilled water, shake for 5 seconds, let the water clear, then pour into your coffee maker water reservoir and brew your coffee. Each box contains 12 packets, enough to mineralize 12 gallons of distilled water. You may also mix Third Wave Water minerals with reverse osmosis water or deionized water.

Each box contains 12 packets. Each packet makes 1 gallon (3.78 liters).

That's 45.36 liters or about 200 standard cups of coffee per box!

We recommend using distilled water such as Suci, available everywhere locally.

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