4th Day Coffee Roastery

Aceh Gayo G1 200g


Whole Bean or Ground

Winner of the Sumatra Prestige Cup 2019

This is a microlot coffee which has been treated with special care for the farmer as it represents the best harvest from their farm to be put up on auction.

About the Farm:

Andi Armiyadi was ranked first in the Sumatra Prestige Cup 2019; with his Ateng Super varietal lot and was given the highest cupping score of 88.84.


Type : Gayo Grade 1 Arabica

Farm : Andi Armiyadi (Bukit Sama)

District : Takengon, Central Aceh

Region: North Sumatra

Country of origin : Indonesia

Process : Semi Washed/Wet Hulled

Varietal : Tim Tim / Bor Bor

Moisture : 9-10%

Harvest : Jan 2020

Altitude : 1500-1600 masl


Taste Notes : Cinnamon, Dark Chocolate, earthy & herbal


Roasted on order so you'll get the freshest coffee possible!


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