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Burundi Nduwayezu "Lot 6" 200g


Whole Bean or Ground

This is a microlot coffee which has been treated with special care for the farmer as it represents the best harvest from their farm to be put up on auction.

About the Farm:

ETS NDUWAYEZU washing station-GATUKUZA is located in GASHIKANWA District in NGOZI province. The washing station receives cherry from hills with altitudes of 1750-1800m. Nduwayezu washing station is equipped with a McKinnon pulping machine and 600 drying tables. At its arrival at the washing station, matured cherry is selected through water flotation and picking team sorts the cherries in order to keep only cherries of the highest quality. This step is important for a fine processing. The cherry skins are mechanically removed during pulping. After pulping, the sticky parchment goes straight to the fermentation tanks. The day after, the wet parchment will be washed and graded before soaking. The next day, early in the morning, a new picking team sorts the wet parchment to eliminate the parchments with defects. Nduwayezu has already registered 3000 farmers

Tasting notes:

Pleasantly bright with grapefruit and peach fruitiness and an amazing sweetness of grape hard candy!


Country: Burundi

Region: Gashikanwa, Ngozi Province

Farm: Nguwayezu Washing Station

Varietal: Bourbon

Process: Washed Sun Dried

Alt.: 1700 - 1900 masl

Roasted on order so you'll get the freshest coffee possible!

Roast Guide

This coffee is part of our Premium Selection which are coffees with SCA scores of 85+ and are often sourced from specialty coffee farms. Because of this, we roast this coffee in only two roast profiles as outline below:

Filter Roast:

Our filter roasts aim to retain as much of the origin characteristics/tasting notes of the coffee and minimize roasty characteristics while also ensuring full development. Depending on the coffee, this means that some filter roasts are light roasts and some are medium light roasts.

Espresso Roast:

Our espresso roasts aims to achieve a good balance of origin and roast characteristics of the coffee. This means that, depending on the coffee themselves, they are roasted to between medium to medium dark.

If you would like to geek out on roast profiles or would like a custom roast please feel free to DM or Whatsapp us!

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