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Colombia Supremo Cold Brew Concentrate


This product is currently out of stock. We will be roasting a new batch of Colombia Supremo specifically for this cold brew which will require some development time. An announcement will be made when they are ready to be brewed!


*This bottle will be brewed fresh on order so you can be sure you are getting the freshest Cold Brew possible!

Not Your Normal Cold Brew

The Colombia Supremo Cold Brew is brewed using the same method as our premium selection using the freshest beans roasted in-house specially to create this extraordinary bottle. We use our crowd favourite Colombia Supremo beans on a light roast to maximize the flavour profile, keep acidity low and extract the most caffienne possible. This is coffee with a kick!

Tasting Notes

Light chococolate with juicy fruitiness and candied walnut undertones.


This is a Cold Brew Concentrate. One 250ml bottle makes up to 5 standard servings (150ml) giving you up to 750ml of cold brew goodness! Mix 1 part concentrate to 2 parts water (Mineral water is recommended) or adjust to taste.

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