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Costa Rica Santa Teresa 2000 Yellow Honey 200g

Costa Rica Santa Teresa 2000 Yellow Honey 200g

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Whole Bean or Ground

About the Farm:

 Roger Ureño Hidalgo is a third generation coffee farmer, who back in 2014, decided to start his own micro mill, "Santa Teresa 2000". Don Roger sold his coffee cherry to other mills in the past with little focus on quality, and accepting the going rate for coffee cherry to be blended off in regional coffee lots. Now Roger separates out each process batch for evaluation, creating a range of qualities. Being able to sell his coffee directly means a higher premium for all of his coffee, and in particular, for his highest quality lots. His farm, El Bajo, is located in Santa Maria de Dota, planted in Catuaí, and sits at 1700 meters above sea level. This is a full honey process, which is produced with a Penagos mechanical demucilager that removes the outer cherry while leaving some of the fruit intact that will remain throughout the drying phase. While this often means a fruitier cup, this coffee from Santa Teresa 2000 is more about balance, and less about outlying flavors. It's a bodied coffee that's capable of producing heavy chocolate roast flavors if that's what you're after, and also an ideal Costa Rica for espresso


Country: Costa Rica

Region: Santa Maria de Dota, Tarrazu

Process : Mechanically Washed

Varietal : Catuai

Grade: SHB EP

Taste Notes : Dark Chocolate, Blackcurrant, Brown Sugar

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