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Ethiopia Buku Hambela 200g


Whole Bean or Ground

About the Farm:

This coffee is from a private washing station in Buku village, Hambela Wamena district of Guji Zone. Farmers sell their coffee to the station in whole cherry where it is processed using both the wet process/fermentation method as well as dry process, where the coffee is dried in whole cherry. This is a fully natural processed coffee, dried in whole cherry on raised beds for upwards of 30 days. 

The average farm altitude is 2000 meters in Buku, some as high as 2200 meters. They produce a lot of very small-sized coffee beans which we had separated as a strictly 13-screen lot (measured in 1/64ths of an inch). 

Cupping notes: 

Hambela Buku offers a good reminder that good things often come in small packages. And bean size is about the only thing small about this coffee. Hambela Buku's cup is overloaded with fruit flavors - dried, stewed and often rustic - touching on many facets of these coveted flavor notes. There's a floral aroma found in light roasts that adds a delicate touch to dense smells of berry fruit leather, dried prune, stewed plum, with plenty of sugar browning tying it all together. Light roasts shine a light on the floral aroma in the brewed coffee too, with a bevy of fruited flavor notes and unrefined sweetness underneath. Allusions to dried strawberry and prune are conjured as the coffee cools, as are notes of tamarind paste, burdock root, anise and molasses. Closer to Full City roasting produces a coffee that reminds me of some of our best Yemeni coffees, a berry-toned, herbaceous coffee intertwined with rustic roast and leathery tones. On the one hand, this coffee has some of the earthy-berry flavors that you might associate with Harar, but with floral and cleaner fruited side that is Guji coffee all the way.

Tasting note summary:

By 4th Day Roastery: Dried prune, stewed plum, strawberries, tamarind paste, burdock root, anise and molasses.


Country: Ethiopia

Region: Buku Village, Hambela Wamena District, Guji Zone

Varietal: Heirloom Varietals

Process: Dry process (natural)

Harvest: September 2019

Grade: Grade 1

Screen size: 13

Alt.: 2000 - 2200

Roasted on order so you'll get the freshest coffee possible!

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