4th Day Coffee Roastery Brunei

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Cold Brew Concentrate


*Your bottle will be brewed on order so you can be sure you are getting the freshest cold brew possible!

Not your normal cold brew!

This cold brew concentrate is truly extraordinary! Brewed for 12 hours using our finest bean, the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, and many hours spent perfecting the light roast required to bring out the best in these beans.

What you have is a cold brew that is very low acidity and very high caffiene!

Tasting Notes:

Beautifully floral taste of Magnolia with heavy tangerine fruitiness and the sweetness of honey.

Bang for your buck!

 This is a cold brew CONCENTRATE made using our specialized method. One 250ml bottle makes up to 5 SCAA standard servings (150ml) giving you up to 750ml of cold brew goodness! All you need to do is mix 1 part cold brew concentrate to 2 parts water (mineral water is recommended).

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