4th Day Coffee Roastery Brunei

Kenya AA 200g


Whole Bean

Roast Guide:

Light: Completed just after first crack at around 210°C to preserve origin characteristics. Best brewed with filter or french press/cafetiere.

Medium: Completed at around 220°C to achieve a balance of origin and roast characteristics. Can be brewed with filter, french press/cafetiere or as espresso.

Dark: Completed right after second crack. Best used for espresso.


Country: Kenya

Process: Washed

Alt.: 1500m - 2000m

Region: Mt. Kenya

Tasting Notes: Cocoa, Nutty, Earthy, Fruity

Roasted on order so you'll get the freshest coffee possible!

Order before 2pm to get it delivered to your door the next day! (Excluding Sundays)

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