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Nicaragua Finca Buenos Aires Lot 1 200g


Whole Bean or Ground

This is a microlot coffee which has been treated with special care for the farmer as it represents the best harvest from their farm to be put up on auction.

About the Farm:

Finca Buenos Aires Estates is a fairly large farm of about 215 hectares in the Jinotega growing region. The Buenos Aires mill produces impressive cups with the clean sweetness of their cultivar-specific process batches. It's really no surprise the they earn regular placement in the Cup of Excellence competitions. This one is all Caturra, which is a cultivated mutation of Bourbon that occurred in Brazil in the mid '30s, but was planted in South and Central America mostly in the 1950s. Buenos Aires is a rather low farm compared to other origins we buy, with this lot coming from about 1200 meters.

Tasting notes:

From Sweet Maria's: 

The Buenos Aires Caturra has a mild dry fragrance, a compound of raw sugar and vanilla, that when adding hot water shifts to smell of hazelnut-chocolate and buttery caramel sweetness in the steam. Both our City+ and Full City roasts smelled and tasted quite clean for Nicaragua, nut flavors without any sort of dryness, and sugary sweetness balancing out any bittering roast tone. The coffee is crowd pleasing in these middle roasts, a sweetness that spans raw cane-sugar to cooked brown sugar, with accent notes of vanilla bean, and a muted roasted almond finishing note. Flavors are succinct, with a sweetly-disappearing aftertaste. It's a restrained cup, and balanced as you surpass the City roast level. The cup finishes with soft chocolate notes, a dried apple hint and black tea-like acidity is complimentary to the cup. And as espresso, Buenos Aires is fantastic on it's own, but would also make a bittersweet base ingredient.

Tasting note summary:

By 4th Day Roastery: Vanilla, hazelnut, raw sugar sweetness, apple acidity and buttery mouthfeel.


Country: Nicaragua

Region: Jinotega, Nueva Segovia

Farm: Finca Buenos Aires Estates

Varietal: Caturra

Process: Patio Sun dried

Harvest: June 2019

Grade: Strictly High Grown (SHG)

Alt.: 1200masl

Roasted on order so you'll get the freshest coffee possible!

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