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Panama Geisha 100g

Panama Geisha 100g

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About the coffee:


This coffee comes from the same estate that broke price/pound record in the Best of Panama 2019 competition. Read about it here:


Panama Geisha coffee beans are probably the most highly sought after coffee beans in the world. Sure, you can try beans digested by Civets if you really want to, but after the novelty wears off you’ll most likely come back to these insanely delicious coffee beans. If your neighbours think they are coffee aficionados, then show them up by inviting them over to taste your freshly roasted Geisha beans. If they look at you blankly then they are no aficionado, but if they are a true coffee snob they will be undeniably jealous of your purchase. One thing is for sure: if they have to ask how much it costs, they probably can’t afford it.

Recently revived from decades of obscurity, this particular coffee varietal only thrives in certain conditions and so only a few farms in Panama can produce it. Every tree is cultivated sustainably, and pesticides are not used. If some cherries do not meet the high-quality standards, they are then used as an organic fertiliser for the crops. These beans are processed naturally, meaning the cherries are sun-dried until the pulp and bean can be separated.

What makes this coffee so spectacular? The flavours! These coffee beans activate a sense of elderberries with a red grape acidity and tropical fruit when delivered black through a plunger or filter. With such immaculate flavours, it’s no wonder they are referred to as ‘Geisha’ beans.

More info on the Geisha varietal:

Chris Baca's Podcast on the Geisha:


Coffee Profile:

Origin: Panama

Region: Chiriquí Province

Farm: Finca Santa Teresa

Process: Natural

Species: Arabica

Varietal: Geisha

Alt.: 1700 - 1780 masl

Cupping notes:

Mango and mandarin flavor notes. Balanced and gently bright. Creamy and silky mouthfeel. Bergamot-like finish. Floral, jasmine aroma.

Roasting Notes:

This coffee is undoubtedly the finest coffee that we will have ever had the chance to roast. Therefore, our approach to roasting will be one that focuses on maximizing the true potential of the origin characteristics so that you can enjoy them the way the proud producers would want you to - FRESH roasted and tasty!

For filter roasts:

We will focus on a short and fast roast while lengthening out the development time to 18% Dev Ratio. This means there will be no roasty notes interfering with the origin notes of the bean. Best for filter or emersion brews.

For espresso roasts:

Similar to the filter roast profile but we will lengthen the time to first crack which will bring out the sweetness and tone down the acidity. The target for overall Dev Ratio is 22%.